Standard Reports

profilingvalues Report

The participant’s personal values are illustrated in a 9 page report. A distinction is made between the outer (perceived) world and the self. The person’s abilities are divided among the human, practical, and systemic dimensions. The current focus of attention and motivations are revealed as well. The report is then analyzed from a certified partner and explained to the participant during a feedback session.

profilingvalues Summary

In the profilingvalues Summary the results from the profilingvalues Report are collected and arranged into a more illustrative form.
This saves time in personnel selection – but does not replace a personal interview with feedback.
Both recruiters and the client profit from this type of report which can be read at a later time for information.Kunden, die zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt Informationen nachlesen möchten.

Team Report

The Team Report depicts teams as a whole. Here the team or group members complete a profiling individually and independently of one another. The results are then presented in an aggregated form and anonymized in the Team Report.
The Team Report provides indispensable material for team workshops. Even difficult team situations can be solved easily and constructively. Thus, effective consulting in terms of organizational development is facilitated and triggered. The Team Report is also used in relationship and family counseling.


With the PAT (Position Analysis Tool) the profiling is projected onto the specific requirements of a company – usually for a vacant position or for an individual who is targeted to develop in a defined direction. The PAT identifies the personality traits that are essential to successfully carry out the duties of a specific position. However, it cannot test specialized expertise or methodological competence.

Special Reports

Leadership Excellence Report

The Leadership Excellence Report (LER) is a special reporting format for leaders. It provides an overview of the current state of development of essential leadership skills based on the Leading Simple® system. In addition to the standard self-image and perception of others, it provides additional impulses and makes leadership responsibility transparent. The LER was developed by profilingvalues in cooperation with the Grundl Leadership Institute.


We recommend utilizing the LER in leadership development to assess the current situation prior to training or coaching. After a training module/development measure has been carried out, its success can be evaluated by means of an additional measurement.

Team Overview

The profilingvalues Overview is targeted for working with teams and groups in their configuration, creation, and development. Similar to the Team Report, the results of the completed profilings are summarized and presented in the overview.


The Team Overview can be deployed for team development as well as for recruitment and selection. A clearer depiction of the individual results and a better allocation is possible while guaranteeing anonymity at the same time. Integrating the newest scientific knowledge, the Team Overview contains more information and greater significance than the basic Team Report.

Balance Report

The Balance Report distinguishes itself by its profound, detailed analysis of the established profilingvalues Report. Since this report format captures the deeper meaning, the stability and the equilibrium of a person, it can provide differentiated and comprehensive information for occupational health management, personnel development, and personnel selection.
The Benefits:
  • Wide-ranging applications in health management, coaching, personnel development, training, and selection
  • Deeper analysis than the conventional report formats
  • Depiction of the basic capabilities, the fundamental competencies in the self and the dominant attitudes
  • Individual configuration of the report modules accordant to personal preferences

Sales Report

The profilingvalues Sales Report is a special report format for sales and selling. The Sales Report displays the respondent’s capabilities with a special focus on the relevant skills and potential and identifies possible areas of development. Thus, sales related positions can be optimally filled and employees or applicants can be placed according to their strengths and needs, fostered, and developed.
The Benefits:
  • Extensive evaluation of the profilingvalues Report in occupational field of sales
  • Analysis of specialized sales competencies
  • Clear presentation of the competency scales
  • Higher success rate in selection and development processes

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