Values are our common thread

We want people and organizations to unleash their potential.


That's why we create razor-sharp sketches of what they can and want,
and hold in-depth conversations about it.


This is how we create AHA experiences and
support them in recognizing themselves.

Our Mission

Our Values


Every person is a cosmic event - singular and gifted with a unique combination of abilities and talents. We give everything so that people recognize this and find the place in their (professional) life where they are satisfied and fulfilled.


We know our great responsibility when people perform profilingvalues and subsequently open-up personally in conversation. We create a protected space where they feel taken seriously and safe from the first moment.


We draw people with profilingvalues a crystal clear picture of what they are made of and what their current situation is. Seeing this clearly helps them to better understand the present and take good decisions for the future.


Talking to people about their self often touches their deepest core. We demand of ourselves to be sensitive, appreciative, clear in our conversation, professionally non-judgmental and always open at all times. We are always developing these competencies.


To best complement your intuition, we use precise tools and analyze accurately. On this basis, you make realistic assumptions about your counterparts and find meaningful ways to support them.

That's what we do

We develop value-based tools

so that you can shape and lead your company with values - to be ready for the highly complex and dynamic work world.

We train and develop you

so that you can apply the extensive knowledge of values and the appropriate tools in your professional world - to make your employees and your organization successful.

We provide you with value-based advice

so that you can benefit from our decades of consulting experience and knowledge - to save your valuable time and make a difference in your company quickly.

We regularly publish high-quality content on values-based business leadership

so you get the essence and save your precious time - to quickly and easily apply the latest insights on this topic for yourself.

“The companies are there for the people and not vice versa the people for the companies.”

Robert S. Hartman (1910-1973)
Founder of Formal Value Science

That is why the human being
is the most valuable for us

Robert S. Hartman is the pioneer of Formal Value Science. His ideas were revolutionary in his time. They were and are more than ever actual and relevant.


What seems obvious and yet could never be explained, he proved mathematically: Human beings are more valuable than all our actions. And that in turn is more valuable than all our plans and thoughts.

You want to get to know us?

Dr. Uli Vogel

Uli is a consultant by passion. In over 20 years, he has met countless interesting people in hundreds of companies. For him, that is the real learning in life.


Developing and passing on what he has seen so that positive things come out of it - then he feels fulfilled in his life's purpose: Enriching the working world with human values.


After more than 5,000 assessments and potential analyses, you can call Uli a people expert. He loves the uniqueness of others with their special talents. His heart beats faster every time a person can unleash all their potential.


At profilingvalues, he is responsible for international management. He is involved in training profilingvalues users as well as in consulting projects - always striving to exceed the expectations of customers and partners.


His values: humanity, proactivity, precision and ability to enjoy.

Patricia Moro

Patricia really thrives when she can inspire others with her experience and knowledge. She loves it when dreams become reality.


She is an incessant ideas' generator, soaking up everything and transforming it into suitable solutions in a matter of seconds. She also likes to make processes smoother. She thinks it's great to put a smile on her customers' faces and free the team from time-consuming ballast.


As Managing Director Germany at profilingvalues, she is responsible for strategy, the Academy and marketing. For her, this means: listening to and understanding what customers need - developing courses from this - successfully taking the message and the offering to the market.


Her values: humanity, learning & growth, clarity, joy of creation and enthusiasm.

Heike Diefenbach

Heike thinks it's great when people recognize their values and motivation. She wants them to live them and pass them on, and to be successful and satisfied in the process. Essential for her: always keeping people in focus.


It's very easy for her to approach people, gain their trust and get them excited about something - as soon as she's excited about it herself. No wonder, because she has such a positive and open charisma.


In her long time as a Cruise Director on a luxury ship, she has further refined her talents of organizing and improvising, empathizing with and supporting the other person, wizarding and implementing solutions.


At profilingvalues, she is responsible for sales, where she converts prospects into customers. She also looks after customer service and support, and is active in consulting and event organization.


Her values: Cordiality, helpfulness, honesty, team spirit and empathy.

Isabelle Vogel

Isabelle is the woman in the background at profilingvalues. When it comes to invoicing, accounting, orders, etc., you are at the right address with her.


She has seen and done a lot: from service to the graphics department of a management consultancy to receptionist and executive assistant, she has been involved in a wide variety of things. She has organized exciting team events, had to deal with demanding and difficult customers and be particularly flexible when things didn't go as planned.


She is curious and likes things to evolve. That's why it makes her happy when new things are tackled and implemented.


Not giving up so quickly, finishing what has been started and, above all, approaching challenges positively are her guiding principles in everyday work.


Her values: humanity, tolerance, reliability, honesty and loyalty

Ja, ich will Werteprofiler:in werden und Potenziale entfesseln!