Value-based profiling

so that you can recognize what your employees are made of.

Who fits the open position? To whom can I delegate what? Who in my team is ready for more responsibility? How do I distribute the tasks so that people's skills complement each other optimally? What do I need to consider when integrating enterprise xyz into our company?!

To take right decisions you need a good intuition AND a clear picture of your candidates and employees.

To do this, you should know what makes the people in question tick. If possible, understand how they think, feel and act - in order to understand why they do what they do.
The better you know your employees, the easier it will be for you to succeed.

Values reflect the personality of your employees

Values - or evaluations - determine the behavior of your employees: They evaluate what happens inside and around them umpteen times a day - in their own individual way. This controls how they feel, act and/or think.

That is why we have developed profilingvalues, the value-based test procedure: It measures precisely these valuations and thus stands out from all other test procedures due to its scientific method.

“We don't 'see' with our eyes;
we 'see' with our values,
because we don't just have values;
we are our values.”

Leon Pomeroy (1933-2015)
American Psychologist und Value Scientist

Profilingvalues - more than just a potential analysis

With profilingvalues you measure the 'inner' values of your applicants and employees. The result: a detailed picture of the respective person and clear indications of their current state of mind and the causes.


You can see at a glance which skills your (potential) employees have, how strong they are in each case and how they influence each other.
  • Capabilities - What are the strengths of your (potential) employees and leaders?
  • Potentials - Where are they recognizable and how can they unleash?
  • Resilience - How do your people respond to challenges and under pressure?
  • Maturity - How self-reflective and consolidated are they and where do they have blind spots?
  • Willingness to change - Who is innovative and can and wants to break new ground? Who is preserving and needs a safe environment?
  • Work style - Who is perfectionist and works with attention to detail? Who needs varied tasks and feels constrained by structure?

Current focus

You can see how much your (potential) employees and leaders are actually using their competencies at the moment - appropriate to the situation, (too) intensively or (too) little.
From this you can determine

  • Causes - What can be concrete triggers for certain behavior?
  • Commitment - Who is motivated? Who has resigned and is only running along half-heartedly?
  • Stress - Who is currently under pressure? How does this affect the respective work performance?
  • Reorientation - Who identifies with their role, function or task? Who is in the process of inner resignation?
  • Mental state - How are they doing right now? What is on their mind at the moment?

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Values are significant and reliable

Values are the core of competencies

Your (potential) employees are competent in the areas that are consciously or unconsciously important to them.

Values are relatively stable over time

You can reliably deduce and predict how your (potential) employees will behave.

Competence development requires value development

Your (potential) employees only develop when they face challenging situations.

Our scientific background

Profilingvalues is based on the findings of modern value science by Robert S. Hartman, a German-American value scientist (1910-1973). He developed the Hartman Value Profile (HVP), which objectively measures a person's 'inner' values.
Profilingvalues meets all quality requirements for a scientific psychological test procedure.
The profilingvalues competency scales have been scientifically validated many times over. The method is cross-checked against other test procedures.

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