Become a value profiler yourself

So that you can get a picture of your employees at any time

Do you know that your employees usually have a lot more in them than they show? Do you have confidence in them, do you want to encourage them, give them freedom and responsibility? Do you want them to develop their own initiative and flourish in their tasks? Ultimately, you want them to deliver results?
In order to place employees correctly, you need to understand what talents actually lie dormant in them and what motivates them. Values are the core of competencies - once you know the values of your employees, you will know exactly what they really want and are capable of.
In our online academy you will become a value profiler.

This is why it is worthwhile for you to become a value profiler

You invest once and multiply your return by a factor of umpteen times

Of course, good training costs you something at first: your time and your money. Have you ever calculated how much you save in return if you avoid just one bad hire? That is equivalent to about one year's salary in the corresponding position. Likewise, your employees' output will skyrocket if they unleash just a fraction more of their potential - permanently.


You build on facts and recognize connections where others are still stumbling in the dark

Most decision-makers get different opinions and take several rounds of interviews to get a more or less complete picture. If you convey the results of value profiles with a dash of intuition and honest interest, you will know much more about your (potential) employees. In this way, you create clarity that benefits both you and your interviewees.


You have the knowledge about values at hand everywhere and at any time

You don't need external consultants. Because you know everything you need to move your company forward. If you put your knowledge of values into practice in your company, you will gradually find it almost unrecognizable. It will stand out from the competition and magnetically attract your ideal customers and candidates. Your employees will play together better than any professional sports team. Company results will be better than ever before.

This is how you benefit concretely
when you train to become a value profiler

You read and understand
value profiles

thereby positioning (potential) employees in the right place

You get a razor-sharp sketch of your (potential) employees. This allows you to immediately recognize where their strengths lie, what motivates them and how they are doing at the moment.

You lead conversations
in a targeted manner

thus saving valuable time.

From the profiling, you derive possible reasons for the current behavior or mental state of your (potential) employees. In this way, you formulate appropriate questions and quickly get to the relevant points in the interview.

You derive individual development measures

thereby investing your money in a targeted manner.

In the profiling, you see what potential your (possible) employees have and how they develop it. In this way, you select the development measures that exactly match the respective personality.

You define value-based requirement profiles

this enables you to make objective personnel decisions.

For each position in your company, you define the personality traits and competencies that you expect from future job holders. This enables you to compare the target with the status quo at a glance.

You create and evaluate
team profiles

thereby increasing team performance.

You combine as many profilings as you like into a team profile and thus recognize which (potential) employees form a good team. Or analyze existing teams and see why they work well together or why they tear each other down.

You anchor the values-based approach in the corporate culture

thus you easily find your way in the working world 4.0.

You understand the value-based methodology according to Robert S. Hartman and apply it to the specific situation in your company. This way, you will know exactly how to design projects, processes and structures according to it in a very practical way.

This is what our training as a value profiler entails

A finely tuned course schedule ensures rapid learning progress

What can I gain from a profiling? How do I prepare conversations with an AHA effect? How do I present the results in such a way that I and my counterpart benefit from them? How do I get my employees, colleagues and superiors to be open to it? We have put together a 6-month course plan for this purpose: Weekly learning units with crisp learning videos, many guides, workbooks and practice exercises.
After just 8 weeks, you will carry out your first profilings independently.

The group is the best 'learning booster'

You will meet regularly with other participants in practice sessions. You bring your questions to the weekly consultation hours and learn from the questions of the others. You can work on your practice cases in the virtual group rooms and benefit from the experience of the others. We always invite partners and other experts to talk for you from the inside.

We know how much group learning inspires and accelerates progress.

Always up to date and still flexible in terms of time

You will receive intensive support. We are there for you (almost) non-stop during the training. The entire learning content is also available to you afterwards in our virtual academy for an unlimited period of time. We record most of the sessions for you. You can read, watch or listen at any time if one or the other subject matter should no longer be completely present to you.
Especially attractive: You will receive all new materials that we will continue to create for this training.

Here's what happens after the training

Own backoffice

Already after the first weeks of your 6-month training, you will receive your own back office, which you fill with access codes. This allows you to carry out profiling completely flexibly, at any time of the day or night and independently of location, and to evaluate it yourself. The access codes are valid indefinitely.

Additional report formats

Do you need special, customized information for sales, leadership development, team development or value-oriented health promotion? We have developed special report formats to support you in these areas. In the respective Special Class, you will learn how to analyze and use these reports in a very practical way.

Interactive Community

Our users exchange information intensively. They support each other in deepening their expert knowledge and applying it in a very practical way. We regularly offer various formats - online and in person: There, we discuss important technical topics, debate intensively, and also chat casually from time to time.

Your training team

What graduates of the Academy say

The value profiler training is suitable for

Your situation:
“I am a founder and run one or more companies. For me, HR work is a matter for the CEO. My employees are important to me. I know that I can only drive my ideas forward and implement my vision together with them. Our success proves me right. This means that changes will have to be made in our company. We will expand our teams, recruit new employees and get ready for the upcoming growth phase.”


Your objective:
“I want to challenge and encourage my employees. I want to see what they can do and where they are best deployed. Our teams should be put together in such a way that they function smoothly. I only want to bring employees into the company who share our beliefs and drive my ideas forward together with me and the team.”

Your situation:
“I am currently quite challenged. The development of the market is demanding a lot from me and my colleagues. I'm involved in too many projects and holding too many balls in the air at the same time. We are struggling with quite a bit of silo thinking. The employees are also isolating themselves because of the heavy workload, which means that the team spirit is suffering significantly.”


Your objective:
“I need a team that works and cooperates, that supports each other. I need to better understand what the individual employees need so that their work comes easily to them and they enjoy it. Then they can perform the way I expect them to.”

Your situation:
“Our employees are very close to our hearts. We offer them many opportunities for professional development and personal growth. We are in the midst of digitization and build on modern technologies. We are on a growth course and regularly fill vacancies. We are also feeling the shortage of skilled workers.”


Your objective:
“As part of digitization, we want to make our HR processes leaner and faster. We want to use professional assessment tools that fit into our process landscape. In this way, we want to keep bad hires as low as possible and minimize fluctuation. To put the really good people in the important positions, we want to build up a talent pool.”

Your situation:
“It is not easy to stand out in the crowded market of (HR) consultants. Nevertheless, we have built an outstanding name for ourselves over the years and work with top clients. We are proud of our excellent and long-standing relationships with them. Quality and customer focus are not just buzz words for us, we live them every day.”


Your objective:
“We always want to be at the cutting edge with our instruments in order to be able to keep our promise of quality. We want to focus very strongly on the human component, which plays the central role in our complex working world. Keywords: agility, diversity, digitalization and globalization.”

Your situation:
“I am currently repositioning myself and expanding my coaching and training business. My ideal clients are now clearly in front of my eyes. For them, I'm developing new services that are precisely tailored to their needs and challenges.”


Your objective:
“I want to integrate a powerful and high-quality analysis tool into my toolbox. It's important for me to see where my clients are right from the start, so that I can make my coaching and training as high-quality as possible for them.”

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