You see so much more in your employees?
Time to finally pull it out!

The value-based test procedure of profilingvalues® shows you what employees are capable of
and want, and how you can bring their dormant potential to life.

Explore your potential

What do you need support for?

“I want to know who's really sitting across from me in the interview.”

“I would like my employees to show what they are made of.”

“I want our good teams to become great teams.”

What you can expect from profilingvalues

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You save money on costly staffing mistakes.

You fill your open positions with the right employees.

You don't waste your time with irrelevant application or development interviews.

You recognize BEFORE your interviews where your applicants or employees stand.

You feel confident with your personnel decisions.

You use number-data-facts in addition to your intuition.

Hello, I am Uli Vogel,
Founder and Managing Director of profilingvalues

I know how frustrating it can be when employees run with the handbrake on and constantly put off their tasks. When they unconsciously block and simply don't follow through.
But you want to move your company forward. Be proud of what you achieve together with your employees.
For this, you need motivated and committed people. A team that works together excellently.
That's why I developed the value-based test procedure profilingvalues, which measures a person's inner values. Because if you know these, you can bring your employees' dormant potential to life.

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How to utilize profilingvalues

Get trained as a Value Profiler

Do you want to have first-hand information showing you how your employees are doing and what's on their minds at the moment? Identify their strengths and preferences quickly? Know what makes them tick and what motivates them?
And the whole thing should be flexible in terms of time and independent of external consultants?
Then let yourself be trained as a Value Profiler.

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Is your day-to-day business currently taking up all your time? Are you juggling some really big tasks at the same time? Not even thinking about dedicating yourself to new topics?
Or do you want to use profilingvalues only selectively for individual staffing and development reviews?

Then let's talk about how we can best make that happen for you.

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The scientific foundation

Profilingvalues measures the inner values of people and organizations.
It is based on the findings of modern value science according to Robert S. Hartman and meets all quality criteria for aptitude diagnostic procedures.

Ja, ich will Werteprofiler:in werden und Potenziale entfesseln!